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About Pequod Acoustics

The whaling ship ‘Pequod’ sailed across the globe under the command of captain Ahab in the classic novel Moby Dick. This journey was propelled by the captain’s quixotic dream, the skills of the men crewing the vessel, and the advanced industrial technology of the day. Pequod Acoustics rides on a shared dream of perfect musical sound, the talents of a passionate group of engineers venturing into new acoustic territory, and the world-leading quality of the Italian high-end audio component sector.

Nautical themes continue into the actual construction of the devices: the thin composite shells are made from the same materials used to construct racing sailboats, making them incredibly strong and, if damaged, easily repaired. On the company logo there is an abstraction of the Sawfish, an animal that senses acoustic vibrations and electrical currents to hunt its prey on the ocean bottom.

Pequod Acoustics was born in Florence, Italy, a town best known for the artistic creations of the renaissance masters. The company taps into a local spirit of innovation and research that has never diminished, as the region is today home to several renowned manufacturers of high-end audio components, along with specialists in other industrial sectors that have been critical in developing and producing these speakers.


Uncompromised Professional Sound Sytems Made by and for Audiophiles

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Our Philosophy and Goals

The working philosophy of Pequod Acoustics is simple: no compromises, tireless research, and unique solutions. Our speakers derive from many years of pure research aimed at perfecting the horn loaded speaker, at first without any commercial intent. They were officially presented to the world at the Prolight and Sound Fair, in Frankfurt, in April 2019. Pequod Acoustics’ speakers already reside in some of the most exclusive clubs, events and locations in the world (Phi Beach club in Costa Smeralda, Italy; Y&Y, Singapore; Peter Pan Club, Misano, Italy; Pitti Uomo events, Florence, Italy; Mini events, Italy)... and some very lucky villa owners use them for their private entertainment.

Pequod Acoustics’ team will continue to innovate and develop their ideas into new and improved audio systems. Truly passionate about good music that sounds great, their ultimate goal is to share the listening experience with as many people as possible, and they are willing to cross any ocean and battle any storm on the way. 


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