Pequod Acoustics

Pequod Acoustics is an Italian start-up in the field of high quality audio equipment. We began as a purely technical research project, in passionate pursuit of the highest acoustic quality possibile. Enlisting the collaboration of experts in speaker components, composite construction, and acoustic principles, we created a range of products that have exceeded our highest expectations. Now, after years of refinement and experimentation, we are ready to introduce them to the world. Get ready to be surprised.

Hi Pro Speakers

Hi Pro is a category of audio equipment that we have created out of necessity. Our devices reproduce sound with the clarity of the best HIGH-END systems, those sought out by audiophiles looking for perfect sound. At the same time, we are working with intensity levels that are required by the PROFESSIONAL marketplace, where you need the energy to reach a large group of people. In the past, users had to accept either high-end quality or just pure power, because both were not possibile (without massive expense). With our unique technological solutions, you can have it both ways.


Pequod Acoustics:





The horn is a tried and true natural amplifier, and this shape has been used for millennia to passively expand sound. Contemporary acoustical science has allowed us to tailor our speakers to the desired sound range of each driver. Each of our horns follows the optimal curvature needed to maintain clarity and amplify the sound at the desired frequency, without compromises. Using a natural passive amplifier also reduces the amount of energy needed to make huge sound. The unique look of Pequod systems is absolutely a product of form-follows-function design: no other shape would achieve the same technical results.

Italian Design

Our units were created by our engineers in the pursuit of sonic perfection at any cost. An unintentional but welcome consequence is that they look like nothing else available. We have designed the armatures and support systems to emphasize the unique nature of the speaker bodies, and when arranged they offer a unique visual aspect that sets us even further apart from the competition. Color can be completely customized as needed, and other graphics can be requested, along with the possibility of video projection directly onto the speaker bodies. The visual impact of a Pequod speaker system can be just as powerful as the sounds that they produce.




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Qualities of all Pequod Acoustics Speakers

  • High power

  • Extreme sensibility

  • Extreme clarity and detail

  • Unbeatable listening Dynamics

  • Very high ratio between SPL( sound pressure level) and system weight (dB/KG)

  • Very low ratio between the economic cost and the SPL(€/dB)

  • Heavy duty, high resistance to scratches and bumps 

  • Built with high-strength composite materials 

  • Easy to repair 

  • Technologically advanced

  • Customizable

  • Design that stands out

  • Light weight for easy transport

  • Simple installation, standing or suspended

  • In-house technical support

  • Design, production, assembly and components all Made in Italy

  • Fireproof


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