Full-horn Total Systems


High Performance Speaker System

Shockwave 2.1 System

Versatile HI PRO four channel audio system with horn-loaded speaker technology, designed for a wide range of applications from clubs to outdoor events.

Wide angle coverage of a highly controlled sound field, and the ability to reach levels at the limits of human tolerance without perceptible distortion.


Compact Systems and Monitors


Vertical DJ Monitor

Kona Storm DJ Monitor

The youngest member of the Pequod Acoustics family, now ready to challenge the most famous clubbing monitors with high power and excellent tonal range in a compact and durable shell.


Compact System

EP5 Twister

The Twister was created to meet the needs of professionals for a compact set of speakers with fast and easy assembly, without sacrificing quality and good sound pressure.


Subs and Super Subs


Ovoid Bass Reflex Sub

Ovoid Subs 4.1 and 5.1

Modular bass-reflex subs designed for integration with Pequod horns. The ovoidal axisymmetric closed structure guarantees lightness and extreme rigidity, so as to have no resonance from the shell, ensuring clean and precise sound.


Super Horn-Loaded Sub

Hydra Super Sub

Hydra is a massive freestanding horn-loaded subwoofer characterized by the development of the circular sections along its length that guarantee the perfect loading of low frequencies.